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Why VirtualRack?

We just love answering this question!

Three simple points:

  1. Disruptive Innovation
  2. Green IT
  3. Veterans in Hosting

Disruptive Innovation

Quote from Wikipedia: "A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation is a technological innovation that improves a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or designed for a different set of consumers. A disruptive innovation ignores the currently popular definition of what counts as quality and creates a new definition."

VirtualRack is true to its word, when we use the term "Disruptive Innovation". With the latest advancements in technology, VirtualRack brings to you real Enterprise level features, which till now were prohibitively expensive for companies with limited IT budgets, and where every IT spend is scrutinised more closely than ever before. We bring to you the benefits of enterprise computing, but in a different form - The Virtual Form. No longer do you need a battalion of people managing rackfulls of servers and networking devices, to achieve what VirtualRack now offers, almost effortlessly.

Gone are the days when setting up a Highly Available server environment with Load Balancing and Data Replication meant a huge IT exercise, with costly Enterprise editions of the operating systems, databases, and black boxes with kilometers of wiring running through the server room, not to mention the replication softwares, and storage management hiccups.

VirtualRack brings all these elements to you in a Virtual form, where all these complexities are eliminated by virtue of the foundation of the platform. Load Balancing and Hot failover are the inherent properties of the platform, and are instantly preconfigured, once a Virtualised Server or Storage or Firewall or even a Network is configured. Since these redundancies are built at a much lower level, the upper level operating systems and applications do not even need to be aware of these techniques.

Thus, a standard edition version configured as a standalone application or database server would pretty much be sufficient for these advanced features, thus saving you a big packet on licensing. You do not even need to spend on redundant hardware and software, as VirtualRack offers its N+1 redundancy as a basic facility in every virtualised component.

Scaling up? Adding more servers or upgrading existing servers can be done in a snap. All you may need is a quick reboot, so that the operating system detects the upgrades. Didn't you wish operating systems were equally smart in detecting additional RAM or Disks expanded or CPUs added dynamically?

Have you tried asking your hosting provider for a dedicated firewall or VPN access to your hosted servers? If you did, you may have either been advised a cheap and insecure software feature within the operating system, or rent out a VPN Concentrator or some such at a steep cost. We offer you a virtualised form of the same, to give you the control and security at a fractional cost.

Green IT

At the core of VirtualRack's offering is the Green IT initiative. Everything that is offerred at VirtualRack ensures there are no wastes, be it under utilised hardware, power guzzling equipment, unwanted heat generation, nor an equivalent artificial cooling overhead.

With our innovative use of technology, our infrastructure is smart enough to consolidate workloads and powers off unused infrastructure segments during low demand periods, and bring them back on when the demands peak. All this while still continually providing the top most levels of services to you, such that you are not even aware of the goings-on behind the scenes!

Veterans in Hosting

VirtualRack has its roots in web hosting since 1997, which was when the industry inception took place in India. Very few companies have stayed put in this business for over 12 years. We have simply delivered and survived due to our superior customer support, even though we refused to match our fees with every other novice player in the industry.

Our USP has always been quality of service, than cost of service. With our strong fundamentals of this industry, our innovations have been crafted from our knowledge, experiences and challenges in providing what customers really want. We are proud to say that today, we have continued our legacy by catering to our customer's needs, as well as closed the finance gap by offering the VirtualRack services.


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