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Do you offer backups?

Yes. Firstly, all storage is RAID10, meaning you get protection from disk failure. Backups are offered as an add on service and priced according to Virtual Server size. They give you the ability to automatically run a backup without disrupting the system. At any given time, you have access to 3 images of your system: a daily (less than 24 hours), a weekly (less than 7 days) and a snapshot (variable). Monthly pricing is as per table below:

You can also create a new Virtual Server from the backup of another Virtual Server (cloning).

Can I upgrade down the road?

Sure – you don’t even need to reinstall everything. We take your VirtualServer down, expand the RAM and disk, then start it back up. Takes less than 5 minutes.

Can I buy extra IPs?

Yes, contact support and provide justification for the extra IPs. They are Rs. 200 per month.

Do you offer private IPs?

Yes, private IPs are available for people with multiple Virtual Servers or Virtual Firewall. Bandwidth is not metered on private IP interfaces.

Do you host DNS or register domains?

Yes. We provide a control panel to register and manage your domains. For making changes to your zone, you may simply write a mail to support with your requirements.

What if I go over my bandwidth amount?

Our bandwidth limits are soft caps. You’ll receive an email notification when a Virtual Server reaches 80% of its limit and again should it exceed the limit. If you trickle over slightly, send us a note with an explanation, we’re reasonable people. Overages are Rs. 650/GB. If you anticipate excessive bandwidth and would like to plan for this, please let us know. Additionally, consider things such as mod_deflate to serve content more efficiently and maximize bandwidth.

Can I buy extra storage or bandwidth?

Flexibility is the name. We offer add-on storage or bandwidth at any time. Send us an email and let us know your needs, we’ll quote your accordingly.

What if I mess up my Virtual Server?

You can reboot it. You can restore from a backup. You can erase it and start over. You can have us connect to your Virtual Console and fix the problem.

Can I reboot my machine?

Yes. All Virtual Servers can simulate both soft and hard reboots. These are performed instantly and handled via the VirtualRack Management Portal.

Do you provide Console access?

Not as of now. We may however provide it in future, if there is enough demand. Note: console access is different from SSH and can be used if you lock yourself out, or your system hangs during the bootup stage.

How many users go onto each machine?

It depends on the Virtual Server size each user buys, but there is a fixed limit of resources on each machine. Our current production servers are 32 GB Dual Processor Quad Core servers.

How does the CPU scheduling work?

Each Virtual Server is assigned a fixed weight based on the memory size (256, 512 and 1024 megabytes). So a 1024 has 4x the cycles as a 256 under load. However, if there are free cycles on a machine, all Virtual Servers can consume CPU time. This creates a leveraged environment that allows smaller Virtual Servers to likely consume cycles as needed, but still protects Virtual Servers Slices that require higher loads.

Which Operating Systems do you offer?

Currently the following distributions are available for install

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Debian 4.0 (Etch)
  • Gentoo 2008.0
  • Centos 5.2
  • Fedora 9

Windows 2003 Standard Edition is provided by client owned licenses. We do give licences on rent, for which you may contact Sales.

Referral program?

Yes. After 3 months of the new customer’s service, you’ll receive a 25% credit to your account based upon their first Virtual Server size. Have them enter the email address you used to create their Virtual Server when they are signing up.

Can I reinstall a different distribution or start over?

Yes – you can perform a fresh reinstall.

Do you have a control panel?

Yes – we have a web based management interface for restarting your Virtual Server, starting support discussions, viewing stats and scheduling backups. Control panel like Plesk or Cpanel as sold separately, and pricing is available under Enhancements.

I’m kind of new to this, will it be too hard?

Maybe. Our Virtual Servers are full distros with root access. Many people coming from shared hosting are used to a cPanel type control system and limited shell access. We’re geared for people who want to start from scratch and tune a system for their purposes. However, everyone has to start somewhere. We can install Cpanel or Plesk for you at fees mentioned under Enhancements

Tell me about billing

Billing is handled quarterly based on the day your account was created. Services added during a billing cycle are prorated for the remainder of the month, services removed are credited back to your account. We accept payments online through Paypal, and NEFT. You can also send cheques by snail mail, but Virtual Servers are setup only on receipt of your payments.

Can I firewall my Virtual Server?

Definitely and we encourage it. Every Virtual Server can run iptables. For advanced protection, you can also opt for Virtual Firewall.

How many domains can I host?

This is a question familiar to those who use shared hosting. There is no limit, since you are in control of everything on your Virtual Server.

Can I pay in advance or annually?

Yes, you can prepay on an existing account after sign-up.

Do you offer multi-server discounts?

Not at the moment.

Can I buy several Virtual Servers for…

Definitely. Several customers use multiple slices for redundancy or load-balancing. Other require distinct production and development environments. Virtual Servers are almost always deployed on separate servers, but feel free to ask us to double check.

Are you hiring?

Yes – check out our jobs page.

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