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Virtualised Network

Servers' heaviest shackles are often imposed by their network and storage connections. Traditional approaches to server repurposing require extensive manual reconfiguration if a server is moved to run on a different physical machine with different connectivity - reconfiguration up to and including physically removing network cards from the machines. Similarly, conventional VLAN management software can be too limiting.

VirtualRack offers an architecture that is high performance and data-protective, an open systems approach to support heterogeneous data centers, and ensures that network connectivity and storage access move with the servers, freeing customers from the challenges of server-movement-associated fabric reconfiguration.

VirtualRack solves these problems, working with industry standard HBA cards Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage connectivity so that connections can be dis-associated from physical linkages, regardless of physical or virtual networking parameters. Ability to boot from SAN or NAS becomes straighforward, as your server maintains the same addressing and connectivity even as you move it around.

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