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Virtual Storage

In traditional IT environments, the server is entrusted the responsibility of hosting the operating system, applications, CPU, memory scheduling and even storage disk management.

However, in VirtualRack’s Virtual Dedicated servers, storage is separated from the server. For the functions of disk management, the server offloads the tasks to a storage device, whose primary role is to read and write to disks, at extremely high speeds, and provide advanced functionality to manage security of the data.

These functions include replicating the data on mirrored drives in RAID-10, and take scheduled snapshots of the Logical disks, to create “point-in-time” backups. With this feature, new cloned drives can be created almost instantly. Further, new Virtual Disks can be added to the Virtual Server, without any physical changes to the server.

In the situation that any data was accidentally removed or lost, VirtualRack can assist you in reverting to a previously working version of your Virtual Storage, thus giving you the ability to rewind to a previous state, with almost no downtime.

The operating systems and applications however access VirtualRack’s Virtual Storage as though it was a physically attached disk, thus ensuring compatibility with all existing applications.

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