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VirtualRack Overview

VirtualRack’s Virtualised Rack is the technological breakthrough, in delivering highly efficient, reliable, scalable, economical and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional Racks that have been a fixture in data centers for servers, the world over.

By deploying physical resources used in a traditional data centers, VirtualRack creates a pool of available resources in the form of distinct Virtual identities. With this, a single physical rack is broken down into multiple logical Racks.

Similarly, each physical server in the rack is broken down into multiple Virtual Servers.

Each such Virtual Rack is then assigned a pool of Virtual Servers. The network configuration is once again virtualized using Virtual Switches to form a VLAN between the Virtual Servers.

Going forward, to secure each virtual identity from the outside world, as well as the inside world within the rack, a Virtual Firewall is deployed, that shields the Virtual Servers.

Data being the crux of any business entity, storage plays an important role. Rather than depending on the hard disks attached to servers, and the reliability issues that arise with it, Virtual Disks are mapped to a highly reliable and redundant array of disks on a Storage Area Network (SAN). This brings in the capability of using snapshots, and restoration to “point-in-time” backups, should the need arise.

Each component of this VirtualRack sees the other components as a distinct identity, just as it would in the traditional environment. All existing software thus operate in this Virtualised ecosystem, just as it would in the legacy environment. Security and performance between the virtual resources is of paramount importance, and is addressed by isolating each resource in a secure hardened container, at the same time making it highly-available.

The superiority of the VirtualRack lies in the flexibility with which the virtual components can be assigned, re-rearranged, configured and scaled without touching the physical structure, thus reducing the time to deploy and maintain.

With VirtualRack, optimum usage of physical resources, conservation of power, reducing carbon wastes ultimately leads to a highly reliable and cost effective infrastructure, with an ecofriendly approach truly making it a truly Green IT Infrastructure.

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